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Public access to North Haven Dinghies
Communal Dinghies

Anyone can sail a North Haven Dinghy through our communal boat initiative. Please sign in to do so.

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Your support matters! The Dinghy Initiative relies on the generosity of sailors and local community members to maintain and provide our fleet to the public.

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The Dinghy Initiative exists to promote competitive growth and youth participation in the oldest one-design sailboat in America: the North Haven Dinghy. The primary activity of this organization is putting communal Dinghies at the disposal of anyone interested in learning about the boats, most particularly young sailors. The Dinghy has been continually raced since 1887 by kids and old folks alike. It is a simple 14'5" cat-boat whose lines have not changed in 135 years. For more information, you can visit the national class association at North Haven Dinghy Foundation.